Modifying queries

All queries should come from users typing keywords directly into the search box which cannot be modified. This includes pre-populating the search box with keywords or coding direct links to search results page. All queries should match user queries and be authentic to manual, human input.

Modifying code

Publishers must not modify the search code in any way.

Publishers may not;

- Pre-populate the search box

- Interfere with displayed logo in any way, this must not be removed or altered.

Code displayed only on search results pages

You may incorporate code onto this page only. Ad units may only be placed on search result pages, and must not be displayed in any software application or toolbar.

Searchable content guidelines

Searchable content must adhere to site content guidelines, including copyrighted content, and must not include illicit themes.

Query Limits

Queries must be limited to one query per user request.

Incentives for searches

Incentive must not be offered to users for viewing ads or performing searches.

User acceptance

Prompts must be used to alert the user to any changes to browser settings, a prominent option to accept/decline changes must be provided.

Traffic sources

Traffic sources and methods must be shared transparently with Oxygen.


Each app must provide the following information;
Store (iOS/Android), App ID, Category, Description, Average number of ads per screen, Total interstitial ads in the first 10 screens, Any adult content, including images and text, Miscellaneous, any deemed necessary information on the app.



Links and results must only be included on apps that have been approved in writing.


Written approval from Oxygen must be obtained before Bundled Apps are distributed with any other Apps. “Bundled Apps” means distributing with any App an application other than an Oxygen approved app. Oxygen may reject any proposed Bundled App for any or no reason.


Each app may only be distributed from either websites or other digital properties specific to the app, and must be approved in writing by Oxygen. Company will provide mock-ups upon request of any related results pages or aesthetic properties of the app. Company must receive any additional certifications requested by Oxygen and, to the discretion of Oxygen, apps may no longer be approved if such requests are not met.


Oxygen reserves the right to audit the Company for compliance with this document once in every six months during the Term, and once during the 90 days following the termination or expiry of this agreement. Thirty days notice is required for such an audit. The audit will be conducted by Oxygen or an approved third party at Oxygen’s expense, and information from the auditor will only be shared as it relates to the compliance of the Company to this Agreement. The results of the audit will be subject to a standard non-disclosure agreement accepted by the Company.

User Consent

Prior to any download or installation of the app user consent must be obtained. Any replication or manufacturing of any kind of “silent installation” is non-compliant and will result in the app being unapproved. Each app download must result in a new confirmation of consent to download from the consumer. All notices and prompts must be prominently displayed and written in clear language.

Notices & Disclaimers

A primary notice from the Company responding to any of the following must be provided;

- Any redirection of original internet searches

- Adding toolbars to a browser or modifying the browser or desktop functionality

- Changing the user’s homepage or preferred search provider or any aspect of the browser settings

- Altering the user’s default provider, web proxy, security or Internet settings

- Providing users with any product that hinders the system performance for a typical user

- Company must provide a license agreement and privacy statement that is clearly visible for user’s to ensure that the product being downloaded and it’s functionalities are understood and agreed upon by the individual user.


Information and instructions on how to remove or uninstall the app must be readily available and easy to understand for users. This information must not be hidden, and must be available from user intuitive places such Settings, Control Panels, Add/Remove Programs feature. The name of the app must be clearly displayed in the uninstall prompt. The Company must not attempt to confuse or mislead the user so as to prohibit or stall the removal process at any stage of the uninstall journey. The act of uninstallation must remove the program and it’s files entirely, and the Company must not request user information at any point in the removal process unless this information is necessary for user identification.

Unacceptable activities

Any misrepresentation of the intention or functionality of the app is not allowed. Any attempts to block the download, installation or function of the app, or to bundle the app with any material found to be in violation of the Agreement is not permitted. Apps and Bundled Apps must not include or do any of the following;

- Contain, promote or advertise adware or Spyware
- P2P file-sharing or torrenting
- Capabilities to evade copyright protection, such as unauthorised emulators and DVD duplicators
- Adult content of any kind (including pornography and nudity)
- Gambling
- Violent or obscene content, including games
- Hacking, surveillance, descrambling or interception
- Any defamatory, threatening or other material against an individual or a group

Promotion or sale of any of the following

o Firearms, weaponry, ammunition, fireworks or explosives
o Illegal or questionable drugs, and drug paraphernalia
o Fake, counterfeit, bootleg or stolen items
o Government IDs or police items (including badges, uniforms, etc.)
o Hazardous substances
o Products from any of the following countries: The Balkans, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Liberia, North Korea, The Sudan, Syria or Zimbabwe.
o Tobacco
o Alcohol
o Prescription drugs.


The Company must not use any services of a similar nature to those provided by Oxygen under this agreement from any provider.